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Martin Kagunda, at the centre doing Computer Application Packages.

16 NOVEMBER 2020


My name is Martin David and I just finished my high school education last year (2019). I live with a single mother in Embakasi North Dandora area in Gitare marigu slums.

My aspiration is to become the best in computer skills and I know I will, with the opportunity to study in this institution.

Not only for my own benefit but also to give back the same skills to my community so that we may all grow not only physically but knowledge wise.

COTA Kenya has demonstrated its main objective, to help the society, more so the youth, in computer skills and giving them financial advice.

The school which is a project of COTA Kenya, is open to all who are eager to learn and know more about computers and how to handle cash to armature entrepreneurs or the already existed businesses.

In our society today, we need people and initiative like yours to uplift the society. With the ongoing sponsorship, it will attract more deserving youths who cannot afford and give them a chance to learn.

This will lead to growth in economic and health wellbeing of our society, because, crime and drugs abuse will reduce and more importantly, a number of educated and responsible persons in Kenya will increase thereby having hope for a brighter future.

Young people should join Aston College and be educated so that they can be responsible and wise people to the society. This will enable them to have a brighter future and be able to achieve their dreams.

I also request more stakeholders to donate more computers and furniture so that more deserving youths can be reached!

It is a pleasure to be admitted at this institution and I pray you continue with your good work in thinking, caring and giving back to the society.



05 May, 2020

10 things to do to be successful in Business:

By CPA. Jobiese Richard.

  1. Read a lot

Wealthy people don’t spend their whole life watching television or checking Whats App or social media. So that they will be watched on                        television or will be discussed on social media.

  1. Believe in hard work.

You have to desist from the mentality of believing in some jackpot of a million (lottery mentality) they have action mentality; they do not give up              and work towards results.

  1. Believe that poverty is the root of all evil when others believe that money is the root of all evil! Therefore, they work hard to get out of it.
  2. Focus on investing while the rest focus on saving; investing has a multiplier effect and increases your income while saving does not add anything on your money! Some of the reasons why most people are shy from investing are the complicated nature of investing and the time factor, but one should never shy off!
  3. They continually learn while poor people believe that they know it all.
  4. Take responsibilities for their own actions because this gives them room for improvement, while others blame others for their actions; hence, they never improve.
  5. Perfect their output or results, because they are paid on results, while others are paid on time spent on work.
  6. Successful people are risk-takers; they are not afraid to invest in territories and thinking outside the box. When others are risk-averse and only playing safe with their resources, successful people are daring, and that trait pays off.
  7. Believe in God and take His word to the latter. They believe that God will provide clients with/demand/resources to sustain their ventures. They, therefore, wake up very early every day and are ever consistent in their endeavours.
  8. They know when to quit. Successful people know when to hold on and when to press the exit button, this is because everything with a beginning must have an end.
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