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For the 3rd year in a row street families and children had the best of life and wonderful time to celebrate Xmas at Mathare Kosovo Area on the 25th December 2019.

Activities included; Cooking and eating the Chapatis, Beans and rice and drinking the juice and biscuits.

There was also Distribution of clothes received from friends and partners of Cota Kenya.

Ms. Ratcliff, a nurse by profession, who was in the country the previous day, was so delighted having participated in cooking the Chapatis besides donations, a new art she leaned of cooking chapatis!

The street families had a great time competing in dances, songs and airing out their views and asked to be included in other social engagements.

The total number of kids were 250 while adults were 100!

The MC of the Day was Hon. Happy Alphonce, who was a partner and gave inspirations to the street families besides giving donations.

Mr. Elly Ajowi, Cota Director and Co-founder, asked the street families to aid in information about crime and thanked the street families for attending.

The Chairman CPA. Jobiese Richard thanked Hon. Osewe, Hon. Rioba, Mr. Chris, Chief Inspector. Mutua, Mathare Police Deport, Hon. Julius Mangoma, Police officers and their families living in Mathare Police Deport among others who selflessly dedicated their energy to seeing the Christmas celebration successful.

19 Apr, 2020

Sports for reducing school drop outs and having a responsible society.

Saturday 31st October 2015 COTA decided to have its second edition of back to school Match at Dandora Stadium with the objective of reducing school drop outs and having a responsible society.

The rate of kids dropping out of school has been high, most of who drop from class seven and eight while others finish their class eight exams as they get married or recruited in crime.

Most girls also avoid school when experiencing their Menstruation Flow.

From the records 60% of crime in Dandora is committed by young people of the age of 15-17.

By the age of 21 the young people become hard core criminals, without schooling and languishing in abject poverty.

Parenting/lack of mentorship has been the major problem.

Giving an introduction, CPA Jobiese thanked all the six community schools, 200 students, 50 parents and guardians for attending reminding them of their objectives which included: To support children’s education, to encourage Children’s talents and to emphasize to the parents/guardians on their leading role to children, hence a responsible society.

Activities included: soccer match, give books to the children, and pads to the girls, give a talk on parenting and capacity building on drugs and substance abuse

Target Group was 13 and 15 years old; from class eight to form four who are from harsh and humble backgrounds.

The Schools were in a team of 9 playing on 7 aside for 15minutes on knock out stages.

Each having 1 person as the coach/team instructor. This signified that the young adults were responsible for their lives and their peers’, if they do not instruct the rest well, they all lose.

Later there were refreshments then winners were given books and gifts, which had been donated by Safaricom while all the players will be given books and girls will be given Sanitary towels.

Later, there was a forum on right parenting by Elly Ajowi, and why they need to take leading role even in their busy schedule to oversee what their children do. Topics he discussed included; Children rights (early marriages), FGM, crime, drugs and substance abuse and good parenting.

Elly Ajowi later thanked Kenafric Industries, Safaricom, NACADA, for coming through with donations and making the event a success.

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19 Apr, 2020

Financial Literacy at the Slums

Illiteracy is one of the major causes of poverty hence Homeboyz Foundation partnered with COTA Kenya to train on Employability and transferable skills, accommodating customers with special needs, soft skills, customer service standards, getting to know your customers, building professional CV and interview techniques. All this took place on 22nd and 23rd October 2015, from 9:00 am to 3:00pm at Dandora with 60 youths from Dandora Gitare Marigu.

The aim was to make the training more accessible to them and also get many people to be trained in a short time span. The training accommodated all the participants, from the young ones who had just completed school and who were just hustling around to the ones doing small businesses and those still who have not made up their minds and do not know what they want in life.

We noted that many people are hungry for knowledge hence as Cota we felt highly motivated, for the society that people have always perceived to be lazy, was on time to attend the training and very reluctant to go back home even when it was time to go.

The achievements realized included; The targeted people availed themselves, more opportunities arose from the network of Homeboyz Foundation and the Dandora Community, as the Foundation had been approached by a security firm that wanted people, 20people submitted their names and got the job, the people were now confident to start and run their business, because now they understood their clients well.

Our mission as Cota to empower youth so as to be able to facilitate their own development, achieve sustainable human development and protagonists of peace, human dignity, sustainable positive transformation and development of their communities, is on its way to be met.

Not to forget ending extreme poverty by 2030

It was recommended that Cota should organize for more trainings on entrepreneurship, advance loans and mentor the young people in doing their business.

“We thank God and appreciate the effort of Homeboyz Foundation who devoted their time to attend and train the residents of Dandora, and also supported the exercise in kind and monetary terms,” CPA. Jobiese said as he gave his closing remarks on the last day of Training.

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