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There can never be sustainable development if orphans are not taken good care and none minds their welfare, to create the culture of giving back to those we feel really need the most.

That was the main reason for Saturday 17th October 2015 visit to Villa Teag Mondoazurro, a children’s home that was founded in 2003 by the Late Hon. Mugabe Were, Member of Parliament Embakasi.

Located in Dandora phase 5, opposite Phase 5 Administration Police Camp.

The reason why he set it up was to cater for the orphans who dropped out of school due to HIV/AIDS prevalence. Hence the young kids used to go and scavenge for food at the dumpsite. The environment was also a threat to the orphans for the innocent kids were exposed to drugs and substance abuse, crime, violence, early pregnancies/early marriages and the reality of primitive abortion by quacks.

 The director works together with 6 more volunteers, 2 of the volunteers have been brought up in the children’s home, 3 more are currently working after being brought up in the children’s home hence they also help in sorting some bills.

Currently there are 34 children in the children’s home from primary, secondary schools. 2 male doing business management and CPA and 2 female doing vocational courses, hairdressing and tailoring

Once they complete their studies they are required to integrate with the community and also give back to the children’s home in any way they can.

Activities included; Speeches to inspire the orphans, cleaning the area, wash utensils, cook, play with them then have a forum, where we will talk to them and inspire them. We will talk of subjects like, drugs and substance abuse, HIV/AIDS, share stories of great men like Safaricom CEO Bob Colymore, who used to wash toilets as a youth etc

We had games, Donation of Food stuffs; maize flour, rice, oil, Tissues, pads, Mosquito Nets , Clothes, shoes, slippers, Books

We were joined by Mr. Silas Michael Manager Cooperative Bank. Special thanks to Kenafric Industries, Local traders and Dandora Community for their donations.

19 Apr, 2020

Sports for reducing school drop outs and having a responsible society.

Saturday 31st October 2015 COTA decided to have its second edition of back to school Match at Dandora Stadium with the objective of reducing school drop outs and having a responsible society.

The rate of kids dropping out of school has been high, most of who drop from class seven and eight while others finish their class eight exams as they get married or recruited in crime.

Most girls also avoid school when experiencing their Menstruation Flow.

From the records 60% of crime in Dandora is committed by young people of the age of 15-17.

By the age of 21 the young people become hard core criminals, without schooling and languishing in abject poverty.

Parenting/lack of mentorship has been the major problem.

Giving an introduction, CPA Jobiese thanked all the six community schools, 200 students, 50 parents and guardians for attending reminding them of their objectives which included: To support children’s education, to encourage Children’s talents and to emphasize to the parents/guardians on their leading role to children, hence a responsible society.

Activities included: soccer match, give books to the children, and pads to the girls, give a talk on parenting and capacity building on drugs and substance abuse

Target Group was 13 and 15 years old; from class eight to form four who are from harsh and humble backgrounds.

The Schools were in a team of 9 playing on 7 aside for 15minutes on knock out stages.

Each having 1 person as the coach/team instructor. This signified that the young adults were responsible for their lives and their peers’, if they do not instruct the rest well, they all lose.

Later there were refreshments then winners were given books and gifts, which had been donated by Safaricom while all the players will be given books and girls will be given Sanitary towels.

Later, there was a forum on right parenting by Elly Ajowi, and why they need to take leading role even in their busy schedule to oversee what their children do. Topics he discussed included; Children rights (early marriages), FGM, crime, drugs and substance abuse and good parenting.

Elly Ajowi later thanked Kenafric Industries, Safaricom, NACADA, for coming through with donations and making the event a success.

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27 Apr, 2020

COTA Kenya Distributes Sanitary Towels to Teenage Girls in Mathare Kosovo

Albert Rioba, Youth Leader, Kosovo-Mathare slums, posing with girls from one family after distributing sanitary towels.

Slums are faced with challenges which include; crippling poverty, unemployment, disease, drugs and substance abuse, violent crimes among others, therefore the idea of succeeding or thriving is far thought here than the rest of the world. Due to Covid-19 pandemic, majority of at people home, jobs in the decline, living standards on the rise and few food distribution in the slums, things are becoming very difficult to our teenage girls who can not afford sanitary towels!

It is against this back drop that Community Transformative Agents (Cota Kenya) collaborated with Mr. Chrispo Marindi the Ward administrator, Hospital Ward and Mr. Albert Rioba youth Leader of Mathare slums to distribute sanitary towels to 500 teenage girls in the slums of Mathare, who were from the ages of 12 years and above

The exercise stated at 10:00am on the 25th April 2020, Saturday. Where distribution was door to door. With a pledge to continue every month and increase the distribution.

“We still need more sanitary towels as the demand is very high in the slums, so we call upon well wishers to join in and help us realize this target of 2,500 sanitary towels distribution every month,” Said Albert Rioba. Who continued to say that h had observed people donating food stuffs but forgot to donate sanitary towels.

The poverty levels at the slums make some of the teenagers exchange sex for the sanitary towels, who end up getting pregnant, hence drop from school leading to rise in unwanted pregnancies.

Cota committed to source for more sanitary towels so that the need can be meet.

Giving a vote of thanks the Ward admin, Mr. Chrispo Marindi thanked COTA Kenya for always partnering and lobbying for donations to come to Mathare. He further asked friends, donors and partners to continue donating and channelling it via COTA Kenya.

The you tube link of how it went down is here, remember to subscribe:

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