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Baby Pendo’s mother has called on politicians to shun election violence and agree with results!

“A flower was uprooted from my garden and it can not be replaced. I can be given another person but not the same person as Pendo. Naomba wanasiasa ikue mwisho kile kilitendeka 2017, (I plead with politicians, so that what happened in 2017 should be the last to ever happen!) lamented an emotional Ms. Lencer Achieng’.

At around 3:00am on 10th August 2017, Nyalenda slums were invaded by police and their home attacked, they lobbed teargas inside the house forcing the whole family out into thousands of police officers breathing fire! In the commotion the casualty was a six-month year old, baby Pendo who died of severe head injury, post-mortem results revealed!

So very innocent oblivious of nothing pertaining to election, which one party had disputed the elections results claiming it had been rigged, hence bloodshed in the nation. May she rest in peace.

Baby Pendo’s mother, Ms. Lencer Achieng’ has called on politicians to respect the outcome of election results to avoid blood shed in the country. Baby Pendo is part of the statistics of innocent people who die during post-election violence period. We still remember vividly of the group of mourners who went to seek refuge in a church but were burnt there in 2007 post-election skirmishes, to date non has been prosecuted in regards to it. According to the President the BBI is to unite the nation and shun divisive politics.

February 2019, Ms. Beryl Omollo, Kisumu resident magistrate found some top police bosses who served in Kisumu during the general elections period culpable of the infant’s death and requested Director of Public Prosecutions, Noordin haji to initiate necessary steps against them.

Giving the verdict she said, “Baby Pendo, lived a very short life. And died a very painful death. She died a death too painful to find expression in a normal infant or baby’s speech of expressing pain or discomfort,”

When it is elections time, the people who suffer the most are those living in slums, we hope that one day all of us will be equal and there will be no discrimination on the basis of Social background.

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