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As the world marks Menstrual Hygiene day 2021: This year’s theme is “Action and Investment in Menstrual Hygiene and Health.” I want to point out that 2020 was not any ordinary year.

Things became tough for everyone with the onset of Covid 19 pandemic, everyone was affected including those that the developing nations rely on for donations.


At COTA Kenya, we were equally affected as the distribution of sanitary towels went down.

We thank the few partners and our friends who consistently supported us as we continued to distribute sanitary towels to slums girls and offer menstruation hygiene education.


Most girls cannot afford a packet of sanitary towels, hence resort to unthinkable actions to acquire including; sex for the money to buy the sanitary towels. This complicates the situation and many end up getting unwanted pregnancies. With young adults/teenagers pregnant; then that means that formal schooling has come to an end and the resultant effect is a vicious cycle of poverty in the slums.

At a past Sanitary distribution drive in Mathare Slums

We also want to encourage the government and the private sector to invest in the distribution of free sanitary towels. The government of Kenya has tried by providing the sanitary towels in public schools, but we urge them to increase the capacity, so that the towels can be easily accessed at the community schools, chief’s area, and churches among other public areas!


It is regrettable that Condoms are free and easily available yet sanitary towels are not. While the latter is a must but the former is a choice!


We want to thank all our friends, well-wishers and partners who have stood by us as we offer the dignity kits to unfortunate girls in the slums.

We urge more to come on board as the number is always very high. For now we only do 500 monthly but with your assistance we can reach more,

Ksh. 100 or USD 1 is enough to support one girl for one month. Click here to donate:  http://donate



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