Skills Training  at ASTON COLLEGE

Since the first case of Covid-19 was reported in our country in March 2020, many people including youths lost their source of livelihood due to the effect the pandemic has had on the country’s economy. People living in the slums are the most affected since most of them rely on daily earnings from menial jobs.

As a result of loss of livelihood, many young persons in the informal settlements live in despair, and some have resulted into committing crimes and engaging in risky sexual behaviour as means of earning a living to support their families. Additionally, young people who have either dropped out of school or just completed their secondary education are more at risk of engaging in criminal activities since they have a lot of free time and they are not involved in activities that will keep them off from negative influences.

We would like to request you to support us reach more youths who are between 14-24 years of age so that we can train them at Aston College.

The entire course includes the following;

  • Hairdressing training,
  • Computer Application Packages Training,
  • Business Plans, Entrepreneurship & Communication Skills training,
  • Mentoring during the training until they start their own job &
  • Counselling sessions.

This training will give girls knowledge and skills to empower them economically by creating new jobs which will prevent many of them from engaging in illegal activities/crime and thus make our community safe and secure.

The entire course takes Six months where cost per student is $ 200 (Ksh. 20,000) for six months.

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