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Elly Ajowi, COTA Director with a blue cap, Distributing masks to small scale business people at Huruma Area.

On Saturday 18th July we distributed 200 face-masks to small scale business people of Mathare Slums to manage and response to COVID-19 pandemic. The activity started 3pm-6pm, Speaking to Boda Boda Riders, Mr. Elly Ajowi, Director COTA Kenya, urged them to observe the government directives towards COVID-19 by maintaining social distance, sanitize and put on face-mask in public areas.

Poverty levels is on the rise in the informal settlement of Nairobi (Mathare). Therefore, purchasing for a mask is not a priority to most of the residents in Mathare and this might expose one being vulnerable to COVID-19 infection. COTA realized the importance of providing 200 masks to the vulnerable community residing in Mathare to respond to COVID-19 pandemic.

Face-mask came into focus as an additional control measures to curb the exponential spread of coronavirus. With drastic societal measures such as lockdowns not yielding the desired flattening of the curve, the continuing spread of the COVID-19 pandemic has called for the reconsideration of the value of face-mask.

The main transmission route is through exhaled droplets which contain the virus and are generated in the course of sneezing, coughing or talking. The droplets may be transmitted to another person directly through the air or indirectly by contact. An example of contact transmission would be an individual inadvertently touching a contaminated surface with subsequent hand transfer to their mouth, nose or eyes.

The shortage of face-masks has led to individuals making masks out of household fabrics. The protective capability of a fabric mask will depend on the type of cloth used, its porosity, thickness, the number of layers and its fit to the user’s face.  One advantage of home-made masks is that they may be washable and reusable unlike commercial face-masks which are typically recommended for one-time use only. Face-masks should be used in conjunction with hand-washing and social distancing approaches. In this regard COTA engaged a local face-mask producer to provide 200 face-mask to distribute to Mathare community members as a way of motivation and raising the livelihood.

The community was also sensitized on safe disposable face-mask in order to prevent environmental hazard.

The initiative was welcomed by community members residing in Mathare and called for more interventions towards covid-19.

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19 Apr, 2020

Sports for reducing school drop outs and having a responsible society.

Saturday 31st October 2015 COTA decided to have its second edition of back to school Match at Dandora Stadium with the objective of reducing school drop outs and having a responsible society.

The rate of kids dropping out of school has been high, most of who drop from class seven and eight while others finish their class eight exams as they get married or recruited in crime.

Most girls also avoid school when experiencing their Menstruation Flow.

From the records 60% of crime in Dandora is committed by young people of the age of 15-17.

By the age of 21 the young people become hard core criminals, without schooling and languishing in abject poverty.

Parenting/lack of mentorship has been the major problem.

Giving an introduction, CPA Jobiese thanked all the six community schools, 200 students, 50 parents and guardians for attending reminding them of their objectives which included: To support children’s education, to encourage Children’s talents and to emphasize to the parents/guardians on their leading role to children, hence a responsible society.

Activities included: soccer match, give books to the children, and pads to the girls, give a talk on parenting and capacity building on drugs and substance abuse

Target Group was 13 and 15 years old; from class eight to form four who are from harsh and humble backgrounds.

The Schools were in a team of 9 playing on 7 aside for 15minutes on knock out stages.

Each having 1 person as the coach/team instructor. This signified that the young adults were responsible for their lives and their peers’, if they do not instruct the rest well, they all lose.

Later there were refreshments then winners were given books and gifts, which had been donated by Safaricom while all the players will be given books and girls will be given Sanitary towels.

Later, there was a forum on right parenting by Elly Ajowi, and why they need to take leading role even in their busy schedule to oversee what their children do. Topics he discussed included; Children rights (early marriages), FGM, crime, drugs and substance abuse and good parenting.

Elly Ajowi later thanked Kenafric Industries, Safaricom, NACADA, for coming through with donations and making the event a success.

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27 Apr, 2020

COTA Kenya Distributes Food Stuffs to 100 families in Dandora Area

Dandora is faced with so many challenges which include; crippling poverty, unemployment, disease, drugs and substance abuse, violent crimes and proximity to the dumpsite.

Due to Covid-19 things have continually become unbearable as many companies have shut, the government directive of 7pm to 5 am curfew and restriction of movement in and out of Nairobi has worsened the situation. As many companies have shut, most informal jobs like salons, washing clothes and masonry are no where in the picture as these are what most of the people living in Dandora Gifarage Slums depend on. Things have taken another toll as most food prices have gone up.


On Sunday, 26th April 2020, there was ray of hope as Pankaj Donated food and COTA Kenya distributed it in the houses.

The pack included; 2 packets of 2kg Maize flour, 1 packet of 2 kg wheat flour, 1 kg sugar, 1 kg rice, 500grams cooking fat, bathing soap, 200grams salt, 4 kg beans, a packet of sanitary towels, 2 face masks and sweets.

The distribution included delivering the food packs to the door steps of the most need, who included the elderly, people with disability, orphans and other vulnerable people in the community.

Other beneficiaries included Dandora boxing members and their families.

The other method we used to distribute food was having the beneficiaries in an open field, at least one meter apart.


The residents were filled with joy and rekindled hope as most of them did not have an idea where the next meal would come from.

Kennedy Rueben, COTA Kenya Secretary Thanked The Volunteers, including Mswaki, AKA MC Toothbrush in absentia, who had been at the ground helping with the mapping of the area and Team Pankaj for the donations, he also called upon other partners to donate even if it is 500grams of maize flour as the situation at Dandora Gifarage which is adjacent to the dumping site is at dire needs of help.


The you tube link of how it went down is here, remember to subscribe:


More donations will take place weekly.

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19 Apr, 2020

Christmas Celebration with the less fortunate in Dandora

On the 1st of January 2018, all roads led to Dandora Gitare marigu area, to celebrate Xmas with the less fortunate in the community.

Activities included; Cooking Chapatis, Beans, serving, Donating Clothes and speaking to the kids whose families never know the meaning of Christmas.(never enjoy Christmas)

What caught our attention is the leading role of the youths and community who donated the Sufurias, Tables, jikos and also volunteered to cook and serve.

People that benefited were 300 and everyone rejoiced. From Gitare Marigu, Sashamane, dumpsite and Baghdad.

Our mission for making one child smile was accomplished, as we made 300 smile when they received clothes and food!

Mr. Oure, a youth leader and boxer in the community team, thanked Cota for coming through and asked that we should always consider this area from time to time, he also thanked the donors for the clothes and for coming to Dandora assuring them that the youth have reformed and are now responsible, hence they should continually feel welcomed to visit anytime.

CPA. Jobiese Richard, also thanked the youths for donating the tools for cooking, serving and cooperating to make the process peaceful and successful.

Special thanks to Friends of COTA and members contribution to make the event a success.

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