Welcome to COTA Sacco Limited, a Savings and Credit Co-operative Society, since 2014 we have been improving the lives of our members through trainings on businesses, giving loans and grants for decent send off in cases of unforeseen eventualities.

 MOTTO:     Growing Together Forever”


To be the leading institution offering competitive affordable financial solutions.


To strengthen our member’s performance through prudent innovative services.


To inculcate a savings culture among young people and access to loans at competitive rates to develop and improve their economic, social status and empower them in the event of unforeseen eventualities by pooling of resources together.

Our Core Values: Innovation, Transparency, Integrity, Accountability and Team work.

Our Products:

1. Loans

a. Emergency Loans

  • Amount borrowed shall not be more than 60% of the member’s savings.
  • It attracts a one-off interest of 10%.
  • Member’s savings will be used to settle the loan when it’s unpaid and past deadline.
  • Borrowers are eligible to borrow immediately after payment.

b. Normal Loans

  • These is given at a value that is four (4) times (*) your savings.
  • They attract an interest of 1 % monthly payable in a minimum period of six months.
  • It requires at least 2 guarantors who are active members.

Benefits of Membership:

  • Faster disbursement of loans (within 6 hours for Emergency and 48hours for normal)
  • Opportunity to cultivate savings culture and continuously save without interruptions.
  • Access to affordable credit products with very low interest rates.
  • We facilitate different education seminars based on member’s needs.
  • Free business consultations
  • Attractive dividends at the end of every financial year.
  • One is able to acquire land on instalments after three (3) years of savings.

SACCO Membership Categories:

  1. Adult Membership/Individual (what you need):
  • ID/Passport copy and one passport size photo.
  • Registration fee Ksh 1,000 and Min Shares of Ksh 1,000 (20 shares)
  • Minimum daily savings of Ksh. 50.


  1. Corporate / Chama Membership

For Registered, unregistered welfare associations and self-help groups:

  • Registration fee Ksh 500.
  • ID copies, 1 passport size photo of each official.
  • Minutes confirming election of officials and agreement to open an account with us.
  • List of all members, contacts and ID No. and Formation guide lines/ constitution. Minimum daily savings of Ksh. 50.

NOTE: Emergency Loans are applied anytime while Normal loans are after 3 months.

2. Welfare:

Member will pay non-refundable registration fees of Ksh. 300.

Welfare Benefits include;

  1. Last expense cover in CASH of Ksh 50,000. To cover;

-Transportation of the Body               -Clothing of the Body            -Trolley

-Executive Coffin                               -Gazebo Tent                          -Lowering Gear

-2 Tents and 200 Plastic Chairs          -Mortuary expenses-   &         -Public Address

2. 50% Scholarship for covered members to pursue: Hairdressing, Beauty and Computer Packages.


Welfare Membership Categories:

  1. Bronze: (INDIVUAL COVER)
  • This category covers only the registered member.
  • Monthly contribution is Ksh. 200.
  1. Silver: (SPOUSE COVER)
  • This category covers only Husband and Wife.
  • Monthly contribution is Ksh. 250.
  • Covers Nuclear family and children below 17 years.
  • Monthly contribution is Ksh. 300.
  • Covers the nuclear family, parents and in-laws of the Principal.
  • Monthly contribution is Ksh. 600.
  1. Platinum:
  • Covers the Nuclear family, Parents of the spouse, and siblings of the Principle.
  • Monthly contribution is Ksh. 900.



  • Must be an Active Member with continuous monthly remittances for four months.
  • Maximum Age of 75 years.
  • Children are covered from four months to eighteen years but cover can extend to 24 years upon proof of the beneficiary being in school/College/University.

 Requirements to Process Claim:

  • Burial Permit.
  • Photocopy of ID/Photocopy of Birth certificate.
  • Letter from your Area Chief Officially Stamped.

For more Infor:

Call/SMS/ WhatsApp +254751775577, Email:

Visit our office at 1st Flr Faulu Bank House Kariobangi along Outering Road, Rm 2.


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