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Crime has always been a major concern discussed in the country. With years going by, not only has crime been rising but also innovative ways have been emerging as perpetrators find new ways of preying on people. Thanks to technology, today we have cybercrime!

We all know that crime is not good and it actually brings a lot of harm than good to the community.

The issue on crime has risen because of lack of jobs in the society. This makes a lot of youths to be idle and we all know that an idle mind is a devils workshop. This later makes them think about engaging in drugs together with wrong company. And this is why we see a lot of youths engaging in crime, more so in the slums.

Anything bad and illegal always has a consequence and that’s why we wake up every day only to find out from the news or our residence area that couple youths have been gunned down by police or killed by the mob because of certain crimes like robbery with violence and theft.

Growing up in the ghetto, I always wanted to have a better life beyond the slums. That’s why I willingly accepted to go to school to study because I was raised being told that education is the key to success.

In the ghetto, some of my childhood friends, unfortunately chose the shortcut to success in the long run ended up dead in the name of crime. This is a clear indication that crime leads to a short life and early grave. Not all of them ended up six foot down because some reformed and are doing creative things in life. While others got sponsorships and returned back to school.

It is a painful and sad for parents to bury their sons and daughters because of crime. It brings grief and loss to the family.

In the area I grew up in, I have seen children engaging in crime because of poor parenting. This is because the parents were drunkards, were into drugs or were busy with work always and so they didn’t have time for their children. They would take off to work in the morning and return back in the night. They would leave money for lunch and go to work and return back at night assuming that the money was used for lunch only not knowing that the child has been buying drugs and hanging with the wrong company. When the child finished school, little did they know that he was deep into drugs and gangs. He was rescued in the hands of an angry mob and arrested. Today he is facing five years in prison.

Parents more so adults are to be blamed for not parenting right.

The things that you’ll see in the ghetto will shock you if you are new to the area but is nothing new to the residents. You’ll get to see adults, most of them being parents, engaging in heavy drinking and losing their morals. With this picture, children grow up knowing that is the way of life and soon start doing what their parents used to do knowing it is not bad because they look up to them.

With them being deep into drugs and alcohol, they become dormant in the society and not engage in work. That’s when they figure out crime is the solution to get money and return to live their life how they know is the best.

There are groups that have been formed by various associations to stop and preach the issue of crime in the society. Just to name a few, these organizations include COTA Kenya and Crime Si Poa group. They have been and still walking in the streets preaching peace and counseling the youths on issues of crime. They also help them go back to school and even help them build their small businesses.

With activities like these, I believe crime will reduce and eventually vanish in our communities.

I believe that we ourselves can stop crime by being responsible in our societies such that we be our brother’s keeper. If we see them going astray, we should create time and advise them. Not only talking but also helping them in actions by helping them look for a job, sponsoring the unfortunate to go back to school and in short, giving them a handout by showing them the right way.

By David Martin

13 Sep, 2020

Why inherited financial retirement plans are sending young families back to square one

A past photo of COTA staff (with a yellow turban)  distributing food to an elderly family affected by covid19 in Dandora.

By Jobiese Richard, CPA

Anyone born and bred in the informal settlements either in the urban slums or rural areas and has survived with less than a dollar a day passionately dreams of the day when they will bid poverty goodbye!

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05 May, 2020

COVID 19: Transmission

corona virus image

CORINA VIRUS: Transmission

  1. is mostly via droplets emitted from an infected person over a short distance, such as when a person coughs or sneezes. If this droplet come into contact with the eyes, nose or mouth of an individual directly or indirectly through hands that have come into contact with these droplets the individual my become affected.
  2. is through surface contact; when a person sneezes or coughs, the droplets fall onto the surface of tables and chairs and the virus may remain alive for up to a few days. When someone else touches the surfaces of these tables and chairs the virus can be transferred to his hands and if he then rubs his eyes or nose without washing his hands, he may become affected.

For corona virus, the person is most infectious when he is displaying symptoms

Effective way to protect ourselves is to practise good personal hygiene, by regularly washing our hands with soap and running water and avoid touching our face.

Putting on masks when we are well offer no protection but increase our chances of infection because we constantly adjust it hence touching our faces.

Mask is needed when we are unwell, need to go out and protect others in public. Otherwise, rest and recover at home as far as possible.

Compiled by COTA Kenya

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