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Slum dwellers rely on daily earnings from menial jobs. As a result of loss of livelihood due to covid-19, many young girls live in despair, and some have resulted into engaging in risky sexual behavior as means of earning a living to support their families. Hence upsurge of unwanted pregnancies, STIs and increased poverty levels. We are changing this narrative, by training them on skills to be self reliant! The Course comprises of: Hairdressing techniques, Computer Application Packages, Business Plan, Entrepreneurship & Communication Skills, with Mentorships and Counselling sessions.

  1. $ 200 is enough 1 girl to complete entire course (duration Six);
  2. $ 5 can buy sanitary towels
  3. $ 25 can buy stationary
  4. $ 30 can buy Hairdressing Chemicals
  5. $ 50 can buy Learning materials
  6. $ 90 can buy Equipments