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The Employment Pathways Director will be responsible for contributing to the development of a real-time labour market information system and facilitating the design and implementation of employment pathways and partnerships that create economic opportunity for youth in Mombasa County. The Pathways Director will facilitate learning and capacity building in the local youth jobs ecosystem, sharing data insights and research to drive adoption of effective practices. S/he will directly manage 2-3 full time staff and supervise the work of vendors and consultants.


  1. Leadership:
    1. A self-motivated and highly flexible individual with strong interpersonal skills who can manage multiple tasks and priorities
    2. Combination of technical and managerial knowledge to effectively lead and manage
    3. Ability to exercise independent judgment and decision making discretion related to labor market and employment programming
  2. Strategy:
    1. Ability to think strategically and creatively to solve problems and find effective and efficient ways to accomplish goals
    2. Experience in data collection, analysis, research and forecasting
    3. Uses data to inform strategy and decision making
  3. Project Management:
    1. Ability to lead and manage technically complex projects with multiple workstreams
  4. Domain expertise:
    1. In depth understanding of the public and private sector employment practices, potential job types and roles available for the opportunity youth in the Mombasa ecosystem
    2. Knowledge of and relationships with key government and regulatory bodies e.g. industry and trade associations, skills commissions etc.
    3. Strong understanding of marginalised communities, specifically youth at the bottom of the economic pyramid
  5. Financial management:
    1. Experience with creating and managing complex program budgets, and financial reporting
  6. Funder management
    1. Grant writing, administration, and reporting skills
  7. Data / technical experience
    1. Knowledge and experience with cloud-based platforms for analyzing and managing data


  1. Strategy development and implementation
  2. Develop overall program strategy and workplan for creation of youth employment pathways in Mombasa County, including selection of priority industries and segments
  3. Drive demand-driven training and employment models – working with the GOYN team you will be responsible for expanding demand-driven approaches within the youth employment ecosystem in Mombasa County
  4. Demand mapping
  5. Develop a method to collect labour market data to inform the design of  youth employment pathways
  6. Oversee design and execution of employer and job seeker surveys across the county including to MNCs, SMEs, informal sector
  7. Collaborate with ecosystem actors and technology vendors to design and build a digital Labor Market Information System that provides real-time reports and dashboards
  8. Facilitate ecosystem learning and data-sharing
  9. Facilitate sharing of data and research within the youth employment ecosystem
  10. Provide primary and secondary analysis of all research data to support the development of or contributions to key findings.
  11. Directly contribute to and manage the creation of research reports and presentations, including drafting the findings report and presentation and collaborating with stakeholders on design and production
  12. Partnerships development and relationship management
  13. Facilitate connection of youth to economic opportunity – the ultimate KPI for this role is the number of youth connected to economic opportunity, including formal and informal jobs and entrepreneurship pathways
  14. Develop and maintain relationships with key project actors e.g. government agencies, funders, INGOs, skilling providers, employers
  15. Fundraising and financial reporting
  16. Research fundraising opportunities; Develop funding proposals and submit them to potential donors.
  17. Network with relevant funders to identify synergies and develop winning proposals
  18. In collaboration with other team members, prepare quarterly budgets and reports to be shared with potential funders


  1. A minimum of 7-10 years’ experience in the area of expertise
  2. Bachelor’s degree or relevant equivalent experience. Master’s Degree preferred.

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