Savings benefits of Membership:

  • Faster disbursement of loans (within 6 hours for Emergency and 48hours for normal)
  • Opportunity to cultivate savings culture and continuously save without interruptions.
  • Access to affordable credit products with very low interest rates.
  • We facilitate different education seminars based on member’s needs.
  • Free business consultations
  • Attractive dividends at the end of every financial year.
  • One is able to acquire land on instalments after three (3) years of savings.

Welfare Benefits include;

  1. Last expense cover in CASH of Ksh 50,000. To cover;

-Transportation of the Body               -Clothing of the Body            -Trolley

-Executive Coffin                               -Gazebo Tent                          -Lowering Gear

-2 Tents and 200 Plastic Chairs          -Mortuary expenses-   &         -Public Address

2. 50% Scholarship for covered members to pursue: Hairdressing, Beauty and Computer Packages.

Membership Benefits:

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