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This role is responsible for delivering the orientation program for the complete Cloud Workers’ experience at CloudFactory in their first phase of ramping up. You will ensure that all our workforce achieves the ‘earn, learn and serve’ goals which once realised will mean that they are set up for success in both delivering well on multiple work streams, and growing through learning and serving opportunities. You will work to establish the basis for everything that follows from the point where Cloud Workers are on-boarded and ensure that a proper foundation is laid for the or their time in CloudFactory. The focus is on providing the CloudWorkers with concise and accurate information, helping them get adapted to the CloudFactory ecosystem of Earning, Learning and Serving. You will partner with our Cloud workers to ensure they know where to access ongoing resources, foundational training, opportunities and also partner to plan activities and events that build cohesion and community from the early stage.

You will take responsibility for CloudWorkers from the point at which they are onboarded in CloudFactory till they are handed over to the Community Managers for further engagement. This role is ultimately responsible for ensuring a strong vibrant community across the Cloud workforce during the orientation phase.

A significant part of this role is focussed on the successful execution of our Workforce TEAM based model – something we call Toli. We scale the engagement and development of our workforce through small, self-led groups that focus on building community together, coaching each other to perform on workstreams, and ultimately growing as leaders together. You will therefore have the responsibility for inviting the CloudWorkers to form Tolis, coach and develop the Tolis and the Toli Leaders to help them become self-led Tolis, and you will be responsible for the effective resourcing of these groups with information about where to access learning programs and workstreams, and the interaction and collaboration between Toli’s.


You will:

  • Be responsible for coordinating the experience of orientation for the Cloud Workers from the moment they enter the waiting pool and for the time it takes to complete the earn, learn and serve objective of their orientation phase.
  • Ensure that the execution of every element of the Cloud Workers during their orientation period is as seamless as possible and be overall responsible for the experience of the workforce in their initial phase at CloudFactory.
  • Be responsible for delivering the foundational training relating to Cloud Workers orientation (in partnership with the Learning Team) and ensuring that Cloud Workers experience a strong sense of community as they join in.
  • Ensure that all new Cloud Workers complete the orientation program which has a collection of clear objectives and goals.
  • Be responsible for the set up of Toli’s to ensure that all Cloud Workers are assigned to Tolis and the Tolis are set up for success (to be self managing and self led by the end of their orientation phase).
  • Be responsible for ensuring the overall successful completion of earn, learn and serve orientation outcomes
  • Be accountable for the continual upgrading of the design and development of the orientation experience.
  • Oversee and establish a strong partnership with our delivery department to ensure effective onboarding of workers to workstreams.
  • Integrate the practical elements of onboarding (led by Talent Op’s) into a single experience for the workforce (e.g. financial set-up & onboarding).
  • Be responsible for the coaching and development of the Toli leaders (Cloud Workers) during the orientation phase.
  • Be responsible for community related initiatives and community involvement for those on the orientation program in both the social community within CloudFactory and also engaging with the local community outside of CloudFactory.
  • Be responsible for planning and executing all live events in the orientation program
  • Ensure there are meaningful and engaging events (learning and social) for the workers during their orientation phase.


  • 2-3 years experience leading and delivering orientation programs for large groups.
  • 1-2 years experience of coaching, mentoring, or training is required. Coaching qualification would be advantageous.
  • Understanding of what it takes to deliver outstanding customer service.
  • Experience in working and building relationships with diverse stakeholders
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills.
  • Experience working in and managing teams working on community development projects would be advantageous.
  • Knowledge of analytics and data reporting is an added advantage
  • Fluent in business level English.
  • University degree – preferably in social science or related field.


  • Great Mission and Culture
  • Meaningful Work
  • Growth Opportunities
  • Market Competitive Salary
  • Health and Medical
  • Group Life Insurance

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