Job Opportunities

Key Duties & Responsibilities    

  1. Process Analysis
    1. Monitoring, measuring and providing feedback on process performance.
    2. Participate in root cause analysis to recommend process improvements and capture constrains to improve planning accuracy via S and OP.
    3. Participate, analyse and document business process models, performance and evaluations.
    4. Participate in business process management efforts to collect and analyse metrics and continually improve processes.
  2. Planning
    1. Develop and maintain working tools for planning inventory, buffer levels for DDMRP.
    2. Develop and maintain working tools for planning and reporting tactical metrics on power BI.
    3. Develop and maintain working tools for management or project milestones on NPD performance.
    4. Participate in S and OP planning by supporting the production and supply planning activities.
  3. Information Management
    1. Accurate and timely documentation and analysis of supply chain processes.
    2. Continuously maintain and update planning data warehouse.
    3. Timely compilation and business reporting in various dashboards and platforms.

Skills, Experience & Education    


  1. Bachelor Degree in Actuarial Science, Economics, Statistics or Commerce.
  2. CPA, ACCA, CIMA, Project Management or process improvement skills will be an added advantage.


  1. GIT or Minimum 2 years in finance, operations management, project management or process improvement


  1. Communication proficiency
  2. Problem solving, Analysis
  3. Negotiation Skills
  4. Technical Capacity
  5. Collaboration Skills

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