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About the Project

The African Oral Genealogy is a project under FamilySearch where individuals visit families to collect and preserve genealogical information on family history on indigenous African communities. We collect information from oral genealogy traditions. By “oral genealogy tradition” we mean genealogy information that has been passed down generation to generation by word-of-mouth.

Purpose of the position

We are looking for a Research Projects Manager to work in Democtratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The successful candidate will be tasked with heading/managing the Oral Genealogy project within DRC. You will ensure reaching the budgeted revenue and performance goals, recruitment, monitoring and evaluating performance and customer communication and delight.

You will be the point person in promoting project awareness.


Job Description

  1. Ensure that required enumerators are identified and trained for primary data collection;
  2. Monitor data collection, ensuring its correct implementation in line with agreed terms with customer
  3. Ensure that the Manager in Operations ‘Headquarters, Nairobi is alerted to any issues that prevents full implementation of the methodology in line with the project requirements; ensure that all changes to the methodology are documented throughout implementation
  4. Ensure logistics, financial, administration, security and HR processes directly related to project operations have been appropriately implemented and coordinated with the relevant departments.
  5. Ensure regular situation updates on data collection have been produced and circulated to relevant stakeholders.
  6. Provide support and follow upon identified challenges during the data collection process;
  7. Ensure that all collected data is stored in line with customer requirements
  8. Ensure that data is revised and cleaned, and that all revisions are recorded;
  9. Oversee analysis on collected data;
  10. Ensure that meaningful techniques are used to analyze the data collected;
  11. Ensure that data and its analysis are validated by DDD operations HQ
  12. Ensure that contractual obligations are met in terms of deliverables as well as narrative and financial reporting requirements, in close coordination with DDD Kenya Management and (as relevant) with various departments;
  13. Ensure contractual monitoring and evaluation indicators are identified and tracked in a timely manner;
  14. Provide ad-hoc support to project implementation through troubleshooting and eliminating blocking points;
  15. Ensure adequate contribution to project and proposal follow up tools through the timely submission of monthly updated Reporting.
  16. Finance Management
    1. Control project budgets within Units to avoid under/over spending
    2. Ensure accurate and timely financial reporting
    3. Ensure accurate budget expenditure tracking and forecasting
  17. Asset Management
    1. Ensure proper asset management; as required by the customer
    2. Ensure proper IT systems, data back-up and protection from malware per the customer requirements
    3. Ensure sufficient and reliable means of communication;
    4. Regularly link with and report to logistics and IT departments in Nairobi office
    5. Support the preparation of external audits in close collaboration with customer
  18. Staff Management:
    1. Leading on- and ensuring shared team values
    2. Delegation of responsibilities to- and among team members
    3. Monitoring and ensuring individual and team performance to ensure goal achievement, including regular meetings to assess progress in all research cycles and review of work plans
    4. Functional management of field staff
  19. Strategic Planning and Leadership:
    1. Developing short- and long-term goals for team, and designing strategies / organising resources to achieve set objectives
    2. Ensure work is conducted in a respectful and consultative manner. Due attention must be paid to ensuring that communities are adequately consulted and informed about the project objectives, activities, and methodologies.


  1. Excellent academic qualifications, including a Bachelor degree
  2. At least 3 years of relevant working experience in humanitarian settings such as research, evaluation, assessments and programmes;
  3. Fluency in French required; English is an asset;
  4. Excellent project management  and analytical skills;
  5. Excellent external engagement skills
  6. Excellent team management skills;
  7. Excellent communication and drafting skills for effective reporting;
  8. Field/humanitarian experiences needed, in monitoring and evaluation, NGOs, or other similar relevant sector;
  9. Ability to operate in a cross-cultural environment requiring flexibility;
  10. Understanding of the global and country level cluster approach, an asset;
  11. Prior knowledge and work experience in DRC context, an asset;
  12. Ability to operate Microsoft Word, Excel and Project Management Software;
  13. Ability to multitask with tight deadlines, on numerous research cycles;
  14. Ability to work independently and manage people remotely.

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