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The Senior Talent Officer will, under the direction of the Senior Manager Talent, support Busara’s growing global team. This position’s accountabilities cut across the organization with a focus on acquiring, growing, and developing talent to be at their best in their work.

The Senior Talent Officer will be responsible for the implementation of the talent acquisition strategies of the organization, recruitment and selection, induction, performance management, and implementation of training and development initiatives.


Their responsibilities will include;

Performance & Talent Development

  • Manage and implement the performance management cycle; oversee goal-setting exercises, carry out periodic performance management engagement, and reporting.
  • Take actions based on performance appraisals including recommending training and development plans, initiating and tracking performance improvement plans, and also reward or promotions as appropriate.
  • Update competency frameworks, sensitizing managers and employees of competencies required per each job group; monitor the progress of employees against competencies.
  • Identify training and development needs within the organization through training needs assessments and regular consultation with managers and people team.
  • Create, design, and deliver learning and development solutions to support organizational and individual development using a blend of methodologies including online, self-managed learning, facilitated learning, and on the job learning
  • Acts as the liaison and coordinator of programs conducted by external training partners.
  • Devise individual learning plans where needed

Recruitment & Selection

  • Participate in the development of a talent acquisition strategy and a succession plan/talent pipeline for key roles as well as for hard-to-fill technical positions.
  • Carry out the recruitment and selection process end to end, including job description development and reviews, advertisements, shortlisting, interviews, offers, candidate communications, and providing feedback and recommendations.
  • Create reports for senior management through reporting key metrics in talent management e.g., turnover, time-to-hire, retention of key talent, etc.
  • Design and run the onboarding/induction process in a manner that ensures that new hires are quickly and comprehensively inducted into the Company culture to be able to perform their roles effectively.


Knowledge, Skills, and Experience

  • Bachelor’s Degree in a relevant field
  • At least 3 years of proven experience in a related role e.g. HR generalist, talent management or training position. Must have training and development experience.
  • Exposure to Applicant Tracking systems and recruitment experience.
  • Strong interpersonal skills that enable you to work with people at all levels of an organization, motivate others and change people’s attitudes when necessary
  • Strong written and spoken communication and presentation skills that allow you to inform and advise others clearly
  • Problem-solving and negotiation skills
  • Takes initiative and has the ability to offer new ideas
  • Strong team-working skills and a collaborative approach to learning, both face-to-face and remotely
  • Project management skills and the ability to manage own time and to meet deadlines and objectives
  • Personal commitment to improving your own knowledge and skills and a passion for continuous learning and development.
  • Training in Instructional Design & Techniques and Professional HR qualification is preferred

We will offer you a competitive salary based on experience, health insurance, and a dynamic work environment with an opportunity for growth. This role is open to applicants with a pre-existing legal right to work in Kenya, Nigeria, or India.

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