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The Supply Chain Manager East Africa provides critical support to sub-cluster Office to coordinate and support the SCM functions in the countries with SC in customer service management, life cycle management, inventory management and control.
He/She ensures that financial plan and production plan are aligned, gaps identified in time and escalated to the appropriate level, defines actions and solutions to support the business agile and flexible without impacting negatively manufacturing sites and External Suppliers.
He/She ensures that inventory is correctly positioned to facilitate sales with the objective of achieving a desired service level at the lowest possible cost, as well as for ensuring that only finished goods which are compliant to quality standards are distributed to the market through a GDP compliant storage and distribution channel in the country.

    1. Harmonize and support S&OP best practice processes, and coordinate the conduct of Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) meetings within the East Africa.
    2. Follow the Global Integrated and Supply Chain processes.
    3. Support and help implement East Africa initiatives for process improvements.
    4. Support life cycle projects like Launches, Transfers, Changes, Divestments and Pruning for East Africa.
    5. Initiate, manage and support cross-functional projects to improve cross-functional processes and operations (including monitoring of quality audit calendars)
    6. W&D Contracts in place and current for East Africa.
    7. Business Continuity Plans completed and current for East Africa country groups.
    8. Constantly monitoring of East Africa countries needs and Novartis Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs) through innovative solutions which minimize waste costs for Novartis
    1. Support maintenance & accuracy of planning and purchasing parameters for East Africa.
    2. Support East Africa countries on accurate demand data and order placement.
    3. Ensure accurate reporting of Sales and Inventory data for East Africa.
  3. CUSTOMER (Internal & External) SATISFACTION
    1. Support improvements in customer service level for East Africa.
    2. Provide support to East Africa countries in managing inventory to minimize stockholding costs and preventing stock outs in the market, identify and exchange best practices among the countries
    3. Manage Customer Service Level by addressing risks & opportunities. Ensure mitigation actions are agreed upon, put in place and follow through. By exception, ensure prompt resolution of supply situations impacting patients and/or business by acting as escalation point for sub-Cluster and/or Supply chain in export entities
    4. Initiate / Support strategic and operational supply chain initiatives in line with Supply Chain objectives.
    1. Maintain strong relationships with Export entities, Countries, Plants and Tech Ops functions
    2. Maintain open lines of communications and close collaboration with global, regional and local Finance, Marketing and Sales, Drug and Regulatory Affairs (DRA) & Quality Assurance (QA)
    3. Act as key contact on behalf of East Africa for the sales assessment process, to ensure alignment between
    1. Provide training and development to Supply Chain Management (SCM) associates within East Africa countries.
    2. Participate in people-related decisions (hiring, talent management, succession planning, and development) by highlighting risks & opportunities and providing feedback and be part of decision making as and when required.

Minimum requirements


University graduate, preferably Supply Chain, Science, Engineering or Business MBA

Work Experience

Minimum 10 years experience in Supply chain Management (Imports and Local),Materials Management / Logistics, Planning

Special Knowledge

Exposure to Materials Management; Preferably with knowledge of SAP systems, MS Office software.

Personal Qualities

Good oral and written communication skills; good interpersonal skills; customer focus; negotiating skills; functional and technical skills; computer literate, numerical/analytical skills; with proven track record of honesty and integrity

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