Waganda Marvin

Personal Information


Communications Officer

Marvin is a brand curator, communication strategist and Marketing Practitioner with over 8 years wisely but not evenly spent on a range of brands in diverse categories namely FMCG, Luxury, Retail, NGOs and Telecom industry verticals.

Well-honed in setting up businesses from scratch, increasing visibility, performance and profitability for diverse organisations, he is a strong believer, leader, and achiever in developing ideas, resources and execution plans that work for business and the brand, through insights and interpersonal relationships.

He enjoys taking up challenges, setting high goals helping business to grow many fold. With a high growth rate in challenging environments. His key strengths are Leadership capable of motivating people; providing them with vision & strategic direction. Over the years of work experience he has been able to acquire many skills especially in strategic thinking, strategic planning, evaluating assignments requiring substantial investments, executing plans in addition to usual functional skills.

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