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Street kids washing shoes of pedestrians to get a coin

Covid-19 pandemic has made schools close due to its wide spread effect on everyone.

At first all children were forced to stay at home but recently the ministry of education in Kenya announced on Monday October 12th as the opening date for Grade 4, Class 8 and Form Four student for back to school, so that their transition to the next phase would not be severely affected.

They resumed for second term, since before the virus they had already been done with term one. This period will take a maximum of 11 weeks, then schools close on December 23. It will be a short holiday for the candidates and Grade Four learners as they are expected to resume classes on January 4, 2021.

2020 candidates are still expected to sit for their national exams on March 2021.

Since most candidates have their IDs, they engaged in ‘Kazi Mtaani’ which was introduced by the president so that at least people/youths can get some money to keep up with the hard economic times brought about by the pandemic.

Most youths from my area got platforms as salespersons for upcoming sales companies.

Ever since the pandemic came along, I have seen many children helping their parents in their small scale businesses. Some selling ice creams, ice (ice pop), ‘simsim’, clothes, shoes, water and even help sell in their parents shops.

Youths helping their parents in running their businesses today is a positive impact to them in many ways.

It keeps them busy rather than idling which may drive them to engage in drugs and other anti-social behaviors, it also keeps them away from bad company.

It gives them first hand exposure on how the real world of business works and become familiar with it hence even when they are done with school it won’t be difficult for them to fit in the business sector.

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