Ghetto Stories

Why inherited financial retirement plans are sending young families back to square one

A past photo of COTA staff (with a yellow turban)  distributing food to an elderly family affected by covid19 in Dandora.

By Jobiese Richard, CPA

Anyone born and bred in the informal settlements either in the urban slums or rural areas and has survived with less than a dollar a day passionately dreams of the day when they will bid poverty goodbye!

Ghetto Stories

COVID 19: Transmission

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CORINA VIRUS: Transmission

  1. is mostly via droplets emitted from an infected person over a short distance, such as when a person coughs or sneezes. If this droplet come into contact with the eyes, nose or mouth of an individual directly or indirectly through hands that have come into contact with these droplets the individual my become affected.
  2. is through surface contact; when a person sneezes or coughs, the droplets fall onto the surface of tables and chairs and the virus may remain alive for up to a few days. When someone else touches the surfaces of these tables and chairs the virus can be transferred to his hands and if he then rubs his eyes or nose without washing his hands, he may become affected.

For corona virus, the person is most infectious when he is displaying symptoms

Effective way to protect ourselves is to practise good personal hygiene, by regularly washing our hands with soap and running water and avoid touching our face.

Putting on masks when we are well offer no protection but increase our chances of infection because we constantly adjust it hence touching our faces.

Mask is needed when we are unwell, need to go out and protect others in public. Otherwise, rest and recover at home as far as possible.

Compiled by COTA Kenya

Past Events

COTA Kenya Distributes Sanitary Towels to Teenage Girls in Mathare Kosovo

Albert Rioba, Youth Leader, Kosovo-Mathare slums, posing with girls from one family after distributing sanitary towels.

Slums are faced with challenges which include; crippling poverty, unemployment, disease, drugs and substance abuse, violent crimes among others, therefore the idea of succeeding or thriving is far thought here than the rest of the world. Due to Covid-19 pandemic, majority of at people home, jobs in the decline, living standards on the rise and few food distribution in the slums, things are becoming very difficult to our teenage girls who can not afford sanitary towels!

It is against this back drop that Community Transformative Agents (Cota Kenya) collaborated with Mr. Chrispo Marindi the Ward administrator, Hospital Ward and Mr. Albert Rioba youth Leader of Mathare slums to distribute sanitary towels to 500 teenage girls in the slums of Mathare, who were from the ages of 12 years and above

The exercise stated at 10:00am on the 25th April 2020, Saturday. Where distribution was door to door. With a pledge to continue every month and increase the distribution.

“We still need more sanitary towels as the demand is very high in the slums, so we call upon well wishers to join in and help us realize this target of 2,500 sanitary towels distribution every month,” Said Albert Rioba. Who continued to say that h had observed people donating food stuffs but forgot to donate sanitary towels.

The poverty levels at the slums make some of the teenagers exchange sex for the sanitary towels, who end up getting pregnant, hence drop from school leading to rise in unwanted pregnancies.

Cota committed to source for more sanitary towels so that the need can be meet.

Giving a vote of thanks the Ward admin, Mr. Chrispo Marindi thanked COTA Kenya for always partnering and lobbying for donations to come to Mathare. He further asked friends, donors and partners to continue donating and channelling it via COTA Kenya.

The you tube link of how it went down is here, remember to subscribe:

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