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In many stories of successful people, we have seen that they have formal education background. Not all have had smooth educational background but rough and tough.

In our world today, education is entitled to everybody no matter the age or gender. It is common to see old people going back to school to complete their studies.

Education is really great and opens many doors to success. Education is one thing that puts us all in the same level no matter the social class one is in. Testimonies have been given on how education has opened doors for many. It is up to an individual to decide to learn, one cannot be forced to learn.

If you have witnessed how education opens doors, I bet you will dedicate yourself to your studies and decide to work hard and smart.

Education is the key to success. It is a key to success if one knows what he or she has gone to do in school.

Going to school or actually learning opens ones’ brain to a certain level that only education can. They say being born poor is not anyone’s fault but dying poor is. Though I might not fully agree with this statement, it somehow also makes sense.

Education is expensive. Many unfortunate families face the lack of school fees for children to stay in school and study. That’s why many drop out.

Thanks to Wings to Fly sponsorship a project of Mastercard foundation and Equity Bank, many unfortunate kids have the chance to education. It has sponsored many kids in different parts of the country. A friend of mine got this sponsorship and now he is in Mount Kenya University studying medicine under the same sponsorship. The organization sponsors one till the level of university he or she wants.

I personally believe that education is the key to success if one knows what he or she is good at, likes and wants to do in future.

22 Jan, 2019

9 Ways to Empower Youth Leadership

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05 May, 2020

10 things to do to be successful in Business:

By CPA. Jobiese Richard.

  1. Read a lot

Wealthy people don’t spend their whole life watching television or checking Whats App or social media. So that they will be watched on                        television or will be discussed on social media.

  1. Believe in hard work.

You have to desist from the mentality of believing in some jackpot of a million (lottery mentality) they have action mentality; they do not give up              and work towards results.

  1. Believe that poverty is the root of all evil when others believe that money is the root of all evil! Therefore, they work hard to get out of it.
  2. Focus on investing while the rest focus on saving; investing has a multiplier effect and increases your income while saving does not add anything on your money! Some of the reasons why most people are shy from investing are the complicated nature of investing and the time factor, but one should never shy off!
  3. They continually learn while poor people believe that they know it all.
  4. Take responsibilities for their own actions because this gives them room for improvement, while others blame others for their actions; hence, they never improve.
  5. Perfect their output or results, because they are paid on results, while others are paid on time spent on work.
  6. Successful people are risk-takers; they are not afraid to invest in territories and thinking outside the box. When others are risk-averse and only playing safe with their resources, successful people are daring, and that trait pays off.
  7. Believe in God and take His word to the latter. They believe that God will provide clients with/demand/resources to sustain their ventures. They, therefore, wake up very early every day and are ever consistent in their endeavours.
  8. They know when to quit. Successful people know when to hold on and when to press the exit button, this is because everything with a beginning must have an end.
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