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Yesterday we met Ms. Muthoni Nyagothie, who had spent the night in the cold with her two kids. Ms.Muthoni, a resident of Kariobangi, complained about the injustices, citing that this is not what they expected having voted for the Jubilee government way back in 2013. The infuriated Ms. Muthoni claimed that she genuinely bought the land from … Nairobi City council and was even issued with an allotment letter, which she provided as evidence.

Despite an injunction to stop the demolitions, the exercise still went on under tight security as the government was determined to reclaim grabbed land that belongs to the Nairobi Sewerage and water Company.

The exercise started last month with demolitions at Ruai, which the government believes is grabbed.

Hon. Julius Maina, MCA for Kariobangi, addressing the residents, was disappointed by what the government had done, regretting and feeling ashamed of being a Jubilee Elected leader.

Hon. James Gakuya, MP, wondered why the government would evict people from houses at this time when moving out of the City has been restricted, adding that the houses were not going anywhere!

He later asked the residents to stay calm as the situation will be sorted and gave them Ksh. 3,000 to rent a house for the month besides maize flour and other foodstuffs.

Mr. Oleges asked where the government was and why they had allowed the resident to build.

Speaking via his Facebook post, Mr. Habib Omar, the Coordinator Kariobangi Justice Centre, condemned the actions citing that the government should stop playing politics with this issue as it is doing it selectively.

Some residents of Kariobangi were against the MCA and MP for siding with the residents, citing that the land belonged to Nairobi Water company and they should condemn the issue ruthlessly!

For the last two years, the government has been on the campaign to deal with cartels whom even the president and Nairobi Governor admitted of frustrating their efforts in the Capital City.

The big question on everyone is, who is this cartel!

Can a land be bought and developed without the administration’s knowledge?

Before any land is purchased, the ministry must be aware of issuing transfer documents, and before the construction starts, the County must issue permits and approvals for the same!

Our efforts to reach the area ward Administrator was an exercise in futility as he did answer his phone or respond to messages!

05 May, 2020

COVID 19: Transmission

corona virus image

CORINA VIRUS: Transmission

  1. is mostly via droplets emitted from an infected person over a short distance, such as when a person coughs or sneezes. If this droplet come into contact with the eyes, nose or mouth of an individual directly or indirectly through hands that have come into contact with these droplets the individual my become affected.
  2. is through surface contact; when a person sneezes or coughs, the droplets fall onto the surface of tables and chairs and the virus may remain alive for up to a few days. When someone else touches the surfaces of these tables and chairs the virus can be transferred to his hands and if he then rubs his eyes or nose without washing his hands, he may become affected.

For corona virus, the person is most infectious when he is displaying symptoms

Effective way to protect ourselves is to practise good personal hygiene, by regularly washing our hands with soap and running water and avoid touching our face.

Putting on masks when we are well offer no protection but increase our chances of infection because we constantly adjust it hence touching our faces.

Mask is needed when we are unwell, need to go out and protect others in public. Otherwise, rest and recover at home as far as possible.

Compiled by COTA Kenya

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05 May, 2020

10 things to do to be successful in Business:

By CPA. Jobiese Richard.

  1. Read a lot

Wealthy people don’t spend their whole life watching television or checking Whats App or social media. So that they will be watched on                        television or will be discussed on social media.

  1. Believe in hard work.

You have to desist from the mentality of believing in some jackpot of a million (lottery mentality) they have action mentality; they do not give up              and work towards results.

  1. Believe that poverty is the root of all evil when others believe that money is the root of all evil! Therefore, they work hard to get out of it.
  2. Focus on investing while the rest focus on saving; investing has a multiplier effect and increases your income while saving does not add anything on your money! Some of the reasons why most people are shy from investing are the complicated nature of investing and the time factor, but one should never shy off!
  3. They continually learn while poor people believe that they know it all.
  4. Take responsibilities for their own actions because this gives them room for improvement, while others blame others for their actions; hence, they never improve.
  5. Perfect their output or results, because they are paid on results, while others are paid on time spent on work.
  6. Successful people are risk-takers; they are not afraid to invest in territories and thinking outside the box. When others are risk-averse and only playing safe with their resources, successful people are daring, and that trait pays off.
  7. Believe in God and take His word to the latter. They believe that God will provide clients with/demand/resources to sustain their ventures. They, therefore, wake up very early every day and are ever consistent in their endeavours.
  8. They know when to quit. Successful people know when to hold on and when to press the exit button, this is because everything with a beginning must have an end.
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